STOR ( Video For the cleaning of Shop Rags on sight and recycling spent solvent)

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Omega Recycling Technologies has been designing and manufacturing liquid recovery and purification systems since 1980.

With thousands of units operating throughout the world, Omega has acquired a wealth of experience that has made it a world leader in designing and manufacturing equipment for reducing, recycling and reusing industries' waste streams.


Mission Statement

Environmental factors are an ever-growing concern for the world in general and one that can no longer be ignored by industries. Omega Recycling Technologies is dedicated to provide it’s customers with the best practical solutions to minimize, recycle and reuse materials used in their production and service. These real world solutions are designed by Omega to integrate seamlessly into the plant’s production and provide immediate economic benefits.



Founded in 1980 in Montreal Canada, Omega provides the broadest range of recycling solutions in the market, with equipment addressing solvent recycling, oil recovery and industrial process water purification systems.


Pratt & Whitney
Moody Boom
Caliber Collision
General Cable
US Steel
Almexa Aluminum
Alliance Medical
Canadian National Defense
Fine Art Lamp
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Hydro Quebec
Transcontinental Printing
Walt Disney Corporation

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