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Distillable Solutions by Solvent

Are you stuck with used solvents and paying to have them disposed?

Are you looking to reduce the cost of purchasing virgin solvents?

On-site recycling can reduce your solvent purchases by as much as 80%.


Here is list of the solvents that Omega has successfully recycled .

Acetone Dichloroethane

Methyl Glycol Acetate

Aliphatic Bibasic Ester Dichloropropane

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)

Amyl Acetate Dimenthylformamide

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)

Benzene DMF

Mineral Spirit

Butanol Ethyl Acetate


Butanone Ethyl Benzene


Butyl Acetate Ethyl Glycol Acetate


Butyl Alcohol Sim Ethylene Chloride


Butyl Carbitol Hexamethylene


Butyl Cellosolve Hexane


Butyl Diglycol Isobutyl Acetate

Propyl Alcohol

Butyl Glycol Isobutyl Alcohol


Carbinol Isopropanol


Cellusolve Isopropyl Acetate


Cyclohexane Isopropyl Alcohol


Cyclohexanol Isopropyl Glycol


Cyclohexanone Methyl Acetate

White Spirit

DBE Methyl Cellosolve 


If your solvent does not appear, please contact us.  It would be a pleasure for our engineers to evaluate your application.

Here is a listing of standard Omega products that can help you:

Solvent Recycling Solutions

RS-3 and RS-6 (3 and 6 gallons) 
RS-15 and RS-30 (15 and 30 gallons)
RS-I Models 
RSP Models

Many specific options are available on the RS models.  Units are tailored to meet your requirements and integrate as seamlessly as possible into your production process.  Contact Omega to discuss your specific needs or to obtain more details on equipment specifications.

Contact us for more information 877 4 GL4BAL

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