“With the Omega RS solvent recyclers, you can expect to recycle up to 95% of your polluted solvents.”

Waste solvent streams can be recycled efficiently and economically using the Omega RS-3 and RS-6 solvent recyclers.  No matter the solvent, from acetones to white spirits, contaminated solvents can be recycled to their original form.

The RS-3 and RS-6 solvent recyclers have true 3 and 6 gallon capacities respectively. Omega RS solvent recyclers do not use filters or any type of chemicals to achieve solvent purification.  They are stand-alone units that function on the time proven concept of distillation, designed from years of experience to operate reliably and with ease of operation and maintenance.

Why use an Omega RS solvent recycler?


  1. Recycle up to 95% of waste solvents
  2. Explosion proof  Class I Division I Group D (flammable solvents are no problem)
  3. No use of filters or chemicals in the cleaning process
  4. UL 2208 construction
  5. Able to operate in hazardous working areas
  6. Quiet and reliable operation

Is it worth it?
For a complete payback analysis, try our payback analysis online.


Available Options

Many specific options are available on the RS-3 and RS-6 models:

  • Stainless steel condenser coils
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Condenser cooling (air, water)
  • Water quenching
  • High temperature
  • Custom features

Units are tailored to meet your requirements and integrate as seamlessly as possible into your production process. Contact Omega to discuss your specific needs or to obtain more details on equipment specifications.

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